Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging with Windows Mobile

Hohoho! This is my first time blogging with my fat yet obsolete O2 PDA. I went to Facebook first but it bores me to death. There's practically nothing to do there. Here I am preventing myself from falling asleep. I don't think I'm able to post any pictures here as I don't see any buttons for uploading photos into this little screen which is not even 4cm in length.

I'm dreaming for Samsung Galaxy Tab but it might be too large and it will be pretty obvious that I'm concentrating at the tab instead of other more important stuff such as working.

I think I can consider myself old. I'm having backache sitting on a chair. I wish I can sit on the floor instead with huge colourful and soft cushions.

The weather is so hot I deserve a good swim in the pool but I don't seem to be able to find a few hours of freedom to do so.

Right now I even wish that I have a book with me to keep my head from doing the fishing stance. I've just finished reading a book and I forget to bring out another one.

You know I'm trying to figure how to use my 24 hours fruitfully. I've stopped my stitching because I really can't find a few hours of leisure time to so. I can barely catch a good movie in the cinema nowadays.

I'm still thinking whether I should get Samsung Galaxy S like Judz and Gracie's but I want that Samsung Galaxy S2. I'm kinda attracted to HTC as well. Gosh.. I don't even know what I want. Maybe I should keep to this one as it is still serving me faithfully.

Suddenly I'm thinking about my huge comfortable bed. It's making me even sleepier. I'm thinking maybe I should spend less time online and spend more time in bed, staring at the white ceiling or even curl up with a good book in hand.

45 more minutes and I'm out :D It's not that I don't like working but my thoughts are running wild. I feel like shopping to buy some new clothes but I ought to wait and see whether I can get back into my old clothes.

Oh, why am I so sleepy? Lazy to be exact. After today, tomorrow will be Sunday.No difference as I'll still be working. Monday starts again and it's another cycle. Another week will just float away. I can't wait to start traveling again and hop around the globe.

Toodles~! I prefer using the desktop. This ain't bad but not accustom to use it for surfing the net and blogging.

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