Monday, July 04, 2011

Buffalo Thighs and Penne Pasta...

Nothing to shout about for today's lunch menu. Bacon and parmesan penne pasta. You can never imagine that I've never bought bacon before. I still can't decipher the parts of pork. I know ham. I don't know bacon. The small is wonderful. The taste, not bad. It's oily... it's pork so what am I expecting? I'm not sure whether I put enough Parmesan to mix with the pasta or not. Then I modified the barbecued buffalo wings recipe. I used the ingredients for the sauce and marinated the chicken thighs. I'm never fascinated with chicken wings. Don't lile to chew on bones. And after marinating for a few hours, I baked those chicken drumsticks. I expected the drumsticks to be very spicy as I've put a lot of Tabasco. Surprise... surprise. There's no kitchen malfunction. The chicken was really good, to my liking. I don't know how others think about it. As long as it's chicken, I like it no matter how it's prepared.

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