Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inferiority Complex...

Hhhmmm... but that's how inferior I feel right now. I feel that I have no talent in doing anything. Down in the dumps. I thnk I have to come to terms that I have no talent in learning languages especially Chinese. Easy words also I can't remember how to write. Can hardly recognize words except for those that I have learnt when I was small.

Then there are times when I looked at other people's photo albums and I feel that everyone is doing better than I am. They look better. They dress better. They have everything better, bigger house, bigger car... the only part when I am better than others will be I have more people in the house at any one time. More noise. More laughter. More heartache. More headache.

Uh..oh... thou' shalt not cover your neighbour's house. And I just broke the 10th commandment.

I'm hooked to the Internet again. I can't seem to get away from the computer thus, I've wasted a lot of time doing practically nothing. I sit here and stare at the screen. Sometimes, I'll be clicking without knowing what I'm looking for. It's so boring yet I'm doing it. *pfft*

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