Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Penang's Famous Street Food...

Char koay teow or literally known as stir-fried ricecake strips is Penang's #1 hawker's delite. No doubt I'm staying in Penang, but I have never fancy char koay teow. This is more to Sanni char koay teow, fried in Malay style. It's wet. I like it wet. I prefer it that way, and not the other way round where it's too oily and chokingly dry. No bean sprouts. I like it so and I have no time to pinch away the brown tail of the bean sprouts. No vege... I like it... so I like it. There are cockles and prawns and egg. Complete for one plate of decent meal. Add some barbecued pork. Home made char siu. Did it yesterday nite but it's not even red. I was thinking it might come out bright red as I spilt the red coloring into the wok while stirring. The sauce turned bloody red but in the end... it's not. The gym auntie gave me this.

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