Friday, July 15, 2011

Homemade Burgers...

The only cheese I'm familiar with is the cheese slices by Chesdale. Now, I can see more brands for those cheese slices. Now, I'm exposed to the different type of cheese as I try out dishes from other countries. I've seen this cheese before when I was small. Not in real life but in the television where Tom & Jerry chased each other and Tom always try to bluff Jerry with that piece of cheese with holes. Then, the hard work began. I started shredding cheese in the wee hours of nite... or should I say early in the morning when the clock just struck 12? I have the slightest idea how McJu will taste like because I cleverly modified the recipe. Smart huh? What I know is shredding cheese or even carrots make you sweat like a cow. Do cows sweat? Geez... I don't know. Wow~! That's a lot and the price for that block of Emmantel cheese just went up by 200% after all the hard work. I've successfully stuff all those cheese into 30 homemade burgers. The tedious work did not stop here.
To those who wonder how the cheese and piece of ham went in between the burger, now you know how much effort I've put in to make them stay inside. It looks easy but it's not. Whoever tells you it's really easy to make burgers, it's not. They're not being truthful because they don't remember how hard it is for a first-timer. After more than 10 burgers then it's getting easier. Practice makes perfect. Then the gruelling part started this afternoon with only 7 burgers. With the same amount of time making those burgers, I can cook a feast of 10-course dinner for a table. Now you know why hamburgers are expensive? The work is a lot. It's hard. And the ingredients are not cheap. If I'm selling McJu, it will be a very expensive burger. Maybe RM20 for one which no one will buy that's why I'm giving away free burgers. It's more blessed to give than to receive :D Those who will be eating McJu tomorrow will not see this anymore. Deep frying the burgers don't seem to be the best way of preparing it. I'm changing it to grill burgers tomorrow. One thing I like about McJu is because there's no vegetables in it. But since the majority of guinea pigs decide to have some green plants to give the hamburgers more colour... there you go... I still refuse to put mine with those leaves. By the time I shred those lettuce, I feel like peeling someone's skin in a sadistic way... *my Donkey's skin in particular* You see you can't just top the huge piece of meat with lettuce and then cover it. You'll have to have some other stuff that makes the burger an outstanding one. I topped it with Yevreysky Salat... a Jewish salad but the itchy fingers started to add a lot of stuff into the wok. Started filling it with milk, cheddar cheese, Gruyere, Parmesan and slices of sandwich cheese. But hey, it tasted wonderful. Wow~! That's bigger than BigMac. Ta da~! This is McJu's Cordon Bleu Chicken Burger with Yevreysky Salat... I've made new burgers for tomorrow and I added two different types of cheese into the patty.


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