Saturday, July 09, 2011

Blue Cheese Burger...

I've never tried blue cheese before. I went hunting for it last week. Can't find in the Tesco that I always go to but found it at least in the newly opened Tesco. I have no idea what is Gorgonzola Cremoso. Thank God for my cow sense or my pig sense, that looks like blue cheese. Grabbed the box and read the small print at the back. Can't read Italian neither do I understand a word of French. I like that one short phrase 'Soft Veined Blue Cheese'. My whole kitchen stinks like someone has vomited all over the place. That's not edible... the sides that has to be cut off and thrown away. It's soft and... got black sunspots... expensive mouldy cheese. I seriously cannot understand human beings. You're willing to pay so much for some mouldy cheese. Mass production of McJu. 14 burgers within 2 hours. I'm quite disappointed actually. I've never make any burger patties before. I have powerful imagination but not powerful enough. I actually imagined that the cheese will be spurting out after one bite but sad to say, it didn't spurt out. Some can't even taste it. I'll have to perfect McJu's burger patties where after one bite, the cheese will spurt in your face.

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