Tuesday, July 05, 2011


It was our usual Thursday morning walk. This time round we decided to take the two pups for a walk. A Schnauzer and a poodle. Dogs are suppose to be natural walkers, aren't they? I used to walk my dogs and they can really walk and they know their way around like the map of the neighbourhood has been etched out on their paws. Sasha the Schnauzer was a great walker. Walking with glee. But this guy, Savvy the poodle has a problem walking properly. He was hopping and jumping around like a rabbit going to be put on skewers. Then he got tired and lie down by the side of the road. He did commando crawls, like we were torturing him. We managed to walk until the playground. Then Savvy sat there like a barbecued dog again. He needs to exercise more. My doggie can walk further than that. This guy no training at all. At least Sasha better. All along the way, there's cow dungs. Even the playground was infested with cows. That cow even rode a motorbike to the playground. Eh, MPPP councillor, please remove the cows la. Playground for people to play, not for cows to play and then one day if one of the cows go crazy and chase after children and mull them down, then how? Anyway, thank God I'm not staying there or else I sure complain every day. Ahh... we were complete exhausted after the walk. Savvy was the most exhausted of all. Pity him... have to take him go hiking already.

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