Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Medals and More Medals...

Today is Methodist Girls' School's Sport's Day. I didn't get to attend because I was working in the morning then I had to cook or else they will come back hungry. Very happy to hear that my precious and my pineapple both won gold medal for their respective event. My precious lost in the 400m race. She regained her composure and got the first placement in the 4x400m. Great team work~! My pineapple wasn't left out. No doubt she didn't made it in javelin, she got her medal as well in the 4x100m event. I'm a little surprise at the colour of the medals. Shouldn't they deserve gold medals? From what I was told, the first, second and third placements have the same colour medals. Whatever happen to gold, silver and bronze? MGS no money to buy proper medals to reward those deserving the medals? ...And they were both snoring like pigs now in the next room. My eldest came back and brought me two more medals. A silver in shot putt and a bronze in high jump. At least Phor Tay High School got colours for their medals. The track event will be held this Friday. I'm very happy with all the medals today. Proud of them for taking part and being sporting.

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