Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Italian and Chinese... Bad Combination...

Planning a weekly menu in the middle of the nite can wreck your brain. As I do grocery shopping on Sundays, I don't have much time to do any planning at all. I only have Saturday nite, that's also about to be midnite. Wrecked my brain until 1a.m. and I have no idea why I choose Chinese and Italian and put them on the same day. Shrimp in tomato fetta sauce. Also my first time looking for fetta cheese. Didn't know it's from sheep's milk. Cow's milk not suitable?I like the sauce. The doctors dining in my house also like the sauce. The kids love it. So I mix the sauce with elbows. Home-style tofu. Definitely Chinese cooking. It tasted nice at first. But then, after mixing with french beans, the smell of french beans is just too overpowering. Slide the smooth tofu into the wok, tasted the brown sauce mixture. Nice... but after that dunno what happen. It's not salty at all. It becomes tasteless. That's why I never like to cook tofu but hubby loves to eat tofu. So, I'm cooking for him :D And I'm cooking for a feast of 10 guinea pigs. Those who eat in the house, theirs are on the plates. Those who're eating elsewhere, theirs in kept in the containers.

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