Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sauerkraut... Russian?

That can of sauerkraut. I found it in Cold Storage and I almost rolled on the floor with such happiness that only a person who is desperate to get all the ingredients for a perfect meal can understand. I was reading every label of every single can on the shelves. Sauerkraut was found at the bottom shelf and I was almost on all fours crawling along the lower section. Thank God there weren't many shoppers at Cold Storage. So, that's how sauerkraut looks like. Read the label to check out the ingredients... cabbage... salt... and water...!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHHH~!!! I can easily made that myself... and it's so freaking expensive... I have a huge cabbage nestling in the refrigerator and I definitely have no problem in getting salt and water. It's salted vegetables... equivalent to 'kiam chai'... *bangs head on the wall* Read the small prints further down.... PRODUCT OF USA... Am I not experimenting on Russian dishes and why is that expensive can of salted cabbage aka sauerkraut made in USA??? I'll change that to Made in Malaysia next time... right out from my kitchen. This is Kapoustnik Belorussky... the Byelorussian sauerkraut soup with mushroom and I made my own mushroom broth... or else I'll be banging my head against the stove after buying the carton of mushroom broth that is as expensive as the emmental cheese from Austria... That's pork chop with tomatoes and mushrooms. My... my... the chops are so dry. I marinated the chops two days ahead. Don't they know how to marinate meat to make them tastier? How can you just put everything into the wok without marinating... the meat will be so tasteless and faint-looking.

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