Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seeking for Fame...

In an odd way, I am obsessed with the number of readers I have daily for my blog. It has turned into such obsession which I can even Googled on "How to make your blog a popular one" and after reading all the 'how to' from top to bottom I find that I do not want to be a slave to my own blog. Then, I went to why in the first place I wanted to blog. To answer my own question, I started blogging because it's a way to keep me writing and expressing myself whether I'm in a good mood or in a terrible rage and I never use to bother to check whether I have readers or not.

What I've found to make one's blog interesting does not appeal to me at all. For example, I'll have to write about an interesting topic and keep my blog updated on a daily basis. Politics bore me to death, with all the MPs squabbling like little kids, in my own imaginary world, might as well I rule the country which I know I'll be overthrown within 30 minutes. I don't gossip about others and the lives of actors and actresses, they're just humans, so I don't have to scrutinize their every move to make my blog a popular one.

Food blog? Life is more than satisfying the stomach. Nowadays, I find it impossible to update my blog everyday. I don't really have enough time to do anything without sacrificing my beauty sleep. I've been sleeping less than 8 hours a day, thus I'm a cranky person and I snap at anyone that crosses my path from the wrong direction. I want back my sleep so I prefer not to be the slave of the kitchen where I start preparing the next day's meal in advance by chopping and marinating then making sure the crock pot is switched on.

In conclusion, I figure I should adopt the habit of "I'm not bothered whether I have readers or not"... I blog because I enjoy writing and it's my own way of keeping tabs of my own life. I might forget how my life has been one day and it's nice to check my life in the past.
I've been spending my time reading. The school libraries have so many interesting books now. When I was studying in SGGS, I only remember a whole shelf of Agatha Christie's novels which I do not enjoy reading at all. I don't fill any thrills with her style of writing. I like Wimpy Kid a lot. Just needed a few hours to finish the whole diary.
Then, two days back, my precious and my pineapple came home with more books for me. This is a really good way to distract me from going online. I survived 24 hours without going online. My precious made a terrific pick on the books. They're all my favourite which I've been staring at bookstores and having a discussion with myself whether I should buy the books or not. Now, the answer is as clear as crystal. No need to buy :D Since they do not really like to read, I shall make full use of their library cards...

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