Saturday, October 29, 2016

Broken SD Card = Broken ♥

I viewed the photos on camera. Needed to take some more photos before transferring them all into the computer. One memory could not be read. Reformat... reformat... what the heck? Why do I need to reformat? So, I was looking through the photos and I have 17 000 photos to look at but I know when one piece is missing. 
I became really upset like one piece of my flesh has been cut out. The expert says that the data could be retrieved. If it's my paperwork inside the card, I would not be bothered but these were memories gone just like that. 600++ of memories... kaput. 
My heart runs away like those lights. The costs of retrieving those photos would be RM1000 but the neighbour is willing to give it at RM500. I can get a flight ticket and fly away to Timbuktu and create new memories. ARGGHHHHH~!!
Oh, broken SD card does not produce such electrifying photos. Broken SD card has no ability to even produce one piece of shit. Those photos mirror my emotions perfectly. I'm....whatever... *sigh* Nothing wrong with camera. That's part of self-entertainment and I call that art or preference. Some people like clean photos with not even a dot of noise. Some love their photos all blurry and I like mine this way.

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