Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dreams Vs Reality...

I'm a dreamer. I'm also a coward. I'm afraid to press the reset button. Is there even a reset button? I envy those who change job just like changing their wardrobes. All of a sudden I want to be a fashion designer but I have no sense of fashion. I like t-shirt and jeans, that's it. And one day, somewhere last year, while shopping, I looked at the price and thought the price was getting more ridiculous for something very simple. I think best when I'm sleeping which means I feel that I'm awake the whole night while I'm snoring away. I decided it's time to create my own wardrobe and maybe I'll be one renown day... someday... one day. Hubby found a seamstress to teach me, she's one wonderful teacher. 
And I am actually enjoying crochet. While I see others making amigurumi, I tried and found them very cute and easy to make until the hubby took everything to burn due to some issues. I do not understand why people would want to make doilies. I am not into home decoration because I lack the patience and creativity. I prefer making something wearable, It's really challenging learning how to read the pattern instructions without help. Somehow or other, after sleeping through while thinking, I'm sure the angels in heaven helped to decipher the patterns for me in my sleep. When I'm awake, I know what I should do. 
I dream of being a traveler but I can't leave hubby behind. I'll miss him terribly. I love living from a luggage and getting lost can be quite interesting. When you've found the right way, it feels so exhilarating. I wonder why there's no such thing as working-holiday for Malaysians... *sigh* Anyway, I'm no longer in the age range for working-holiday. When I'm done with all the photos from the previous holidays, I think I will start packing and start clicking for flight tickets.
In real life, I teach. Do you know how it feels to see a D turned into an A? I'm happier than the students. But the process of turning D into A+ was a real torture for me and the students. We sat for hours and the mountainous papers on the table will scare everyone away. Usually after an Add Maths class, I'm mentally drain and it feels like I have run the whole Penang Island a few rounds without sweating. Wait till you do Accounts and when both debit and credit balanced off perfectly, we would shout for joy. One of them actually have tears rolling down when those figures tally. When the numbers don't tally, you will feel like banging your head against the walls. 

PS. I wanted to be a chartered accountant... but that was so far away from my grasp... If I am able to turn back the clock, I would want a different life,.. I've never work for people, I wonder how it feels like to work in an office...

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