Tuesday, October 18, 2016

China Day 5: Relaxing Walk in Overseas Chinese Town...

~30th January 2016~
Instead of hanging around in Wal-Mart, we decided to walk down the street to see what's there. We've actually walked to the end before but the weather was so nice to walk in. The walking path was completely shaded from the sun. It was only 24-degree. 
We used the shortcut, cutting across the school field running tracks. How come our schools don't have proper running tracks? No wonder we're not producing international athletes. You see, the children here start from young. It's the school holidays and they would hang around at the monkey bars. There were quite a handful of readers as well. Not everyone has that stiff-neck syndrome looking at the phone screens. Those people who only look at phone screens can be found in trains. Different areas different types of humans.
I'm tourist. I look at camera screen more than phone screen. Phone was useless outside of home. Couldn't even place an emergency phone call. While walking, we saw this guy on a tall bike. Don't know how to describe the bike properly. It's a big and tall bike.
We passed by a few blocks of old flats. I realize the Chinese are realists. They can make do of anything. For example drying clothes on tree branches as that's where the sun was shining. The sun has not made an appearance for a few days. Clothes were not drying up. I'm smarter. We recycled our clothes. No need to wash. Not enough clothes then go buy from Wal-Mart.
Hah... a waterfall in the middle of town? Who's going to stop and admire? Me... me..! Oh, there's an old uncle reading by the the waterfall. Interesting. A picture of relaxation in the midst of a busy town. 
One long walk. Thank God not hot. If at home, don't ever dream to see me walking by the road. Finally, we were no longer walking aimlessly. The road sign showed OCT-Loft. Before leaving Penang, Pinky mentioned that we should visit OCT-Loft TOGETHER... my arse, together... In the end, she said I abandoned her. Hehehehe.... she went back to Australia without getting a chance to visit the Loft... Muahahahahaha.... 

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