Sunday, October 30, 2016

China Day 9: Creatures for Dinner at 正呌

~ 3rd February 2016~
Dinner was at this beautiful place 正呌 which looked like a resort. It was not, though. The different rooms were meant for private dining. No dining in the open. The thick wooden door shuts away the loud noise. Again, we were extremely loud. 
I followed to see what's for dinner. There were cages and aquariums with weird looking fishes. I found a really cute squirrel. It was sitting like a hen laying egg, all limbs curled and hibernating. It was so cute that I wanted to buy it home to keep as a pet or let it run free in the jungle. But it will be caught again and ended up in a restaurant. How could they eat such adorable creature?
Hey, snakes~! Go away~! I won't eat you but I do not want you in the pot. Not on my table~! I love you chicken... I mean, I love to eat you. I'm sorry. Don't be angry. I cannot have mercy towards chicken. I do not want to turn into a vegetarian. I do not want to snatch the goats and the cows' staple.
We ordered twelve dishes and I only have two dishes to look at now. It's not possible for a Chinese table to have two dishes only unless you're in my house. I have neither the energy nor the time to cook 10 dishes unless it's the hubby's birthday or I have invited guests over then I will cook a storm. Thanks to the useless micro SD card. I want to kill the SD card so much but it's already dead and gone. 
Oh, Chinese New Year was just around the corner. Business by the roadside selling flowers were making money. Back in Penang, we were so busy buying and making cookies and mandarin oranges, over there they were buying pots and pots of flowers.

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