Friday, October 14, 2016

My First Experience in a Wine Bar...

The name of the place was so huge from outside the building. I wonder how long I've not been out of the house even though I'm always out. Such an irony in my life. That place must have existed quite some time which I have no inclination of. It was an invitation that I accepted and hubby gladly accompanied me then our precious wanted to tag along.

We're not checking out that wine bar. I have a different perception of a wine bar. I thought that there should be a difference between a discotheque, a pub and a wine bar. Shouldn't a wine bar look more 'atas'? 'Atas' equals to quiet as well. To my our horror, we heard bing bang boom bang and the sound of an abused electric guitar screeching on top of its lungs. I was looking at hubby whether to enter or not to enter. If you've seen us outside, you would see three very confused humans walking slowly, undecided whether to enter or not to enter, searching for another door to a quieter place.

We finally pushed the door open where a bevy of well-dressed ladies were standing on both sides. A waiter asked me,"How many people?" I didn't know how to answer him and let the hubby decide how many of us. I have no sense of counting and I just wanted to go for the photo exhibition on canvas. In order to speak and to be heard, you have to scream. I prefer to be a well-mannered person thus, the hubby must speak loudly. We were ushered to another door on the right and there was quite a number of people. 

I was looking for canvas on easel with beautiful pictures of scenery or white walls with pictures but in the end, I was just looking for a familiar face. Oh, boy... were we glad to find the familiar face right in the middle of the room. It may sound like I was in a discotheque with sardine-packed crowd but according to my dictionary and that of my travel buddy, any number more than 5 is a crowd. 

Then, we proceed upstairs like we're looking around whether to buy the house or not.Viewing through the living area, the extra room downstairs and it's time to go upstairs. There were three ladies hogging the small walkway. My vocabulary failed me in describing a wine bar and its different section. Those two ladies in particular amazed me much. They just entered from nowhere and we were two steps slower than them. All of a sudden, they stopped right smack there, looking at the guitarists, the singer and the whatever~!! The lady on the right has both her arms lifted like a quacking duck and she started swaying, dancing, bouncing...(this is so hard to describe) and the one on the left, just stood there like a statue but swayed a bit here and there, like a statue about to roll away. There was no room to squeeze through to get to the staircase. In the end, I tapped the shoulder of the lady on the left as I did not want to disturb the bouncing lady on the right.

We made our way upstairs, right above the stage. The flooring was shaking. Beethoven in all his deafness would have opened up his coffin and shout,"Shut up will ya~! That's no music!" I have no idea how to describe the music and the singer was not singing. The singer was screaming into the microphone. And the guitarists have their heads shaking. I believe any kind of intelligence would have bounced off on the ground with such hard shaking. Wouldn't you get a terrible headache treating your head like a ping pong ball being whacked by those Chinese players? 

The place was almost filled to the brim. All seats on both long tables were taken. I couldn't understand why would people want to be there. And that old man smoking on vape was completely drunk. Why would young adults spend their weekend nights at such a place and why would the oldies drink themselves silly? Yeah, I sat there long enough to soak everything in. I've seen enough and actually the cushion was very comfortable. After 8.5 hours of work and being mentally exhausted, any form of cushion was very inviting. 
There's always a first time for everything and it would be my last as well. When I was younger, hubby never allow me to go to such places. I always thought that he's such a party pooper as many of friends would go clubbing. I may be a boring person but there are lots more fun things to do and fun places to go to. I wouldn't want to waste my money and my time on drinking and getting drunk. There's no sense in meeting friends in such a place when you can't even hear yourself talking. You can't even hear your own heartbeat because the drum beats were worse than a galloping heart.

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