Wednesday, October 12, 2016

China Day 2: Nan Rong Restaurant in Vienna Hotel...

~27th January 2016~
We just had breakfast not long ago and we were going to another restaurant for dim sum lunch. Pinky has never been to this place and we sent her more photos to make her day a torture. We knew how to squeeze someone's heart so tight, she must have felt like screaming her lungs out but too bad, we're 9 hours of flight-time apart to hear her scream.
Another reason why you need data plan in China, WeChat application and a smartphone. When you flipped through the menu, you would see the code for you to scan. If you don't scan, you will never know what promotions were available. We scanned and we got half price for the crispy Peking duck. It was so good we had two sets. And we had lots more food until we couldn't move after eating.
Father had to get his thumb print done and then we have a load of cash to spend on. Hahhahahaa.... 
Off we go to search for flowers on sale. This time round to buy and put at home.

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