Sunday, October 16, 2016

China Day 4: More From the Food Expo ...

~29th January 2016~
It's another day. A brand new day and we just felt like starting the day by going for yumcha session. It was still drizzling so grandpa was home-bound. Grandma tapao-ed for grandpa by sending food home first. I wanted to help send food home but grandma said she's probably faster than I am. Yeah, completely true. They walked so fast I think only Penang people will lose to everyone. I have no reason to walk in Penang. There's no train to catch and no bus to take. 
We went for the food expo again as the place was huge and we just walked half of the area only. This time round there were more things to see and buy. By the way, the bak kwa in Malaysia and Singapore win hands down. The bak kwa in China was so dry it was like chewing the sole of your shoes. Your teeth will be so numb after eating half a piece. 
Black black how to eat?
I saw something that made me disgusted with the Chinese. How could they do that to rabbits? Make them fall flat on all fours and then poke them with BBQ sticks. If anyone does that to any of my rabbits, I will do the same to that person. No, I'm not a vegetarian and will never be one. 
Let's move on. I found the best lotus root flour crisp. It was so good I wonder why I bought one only and now even with a thousand yuan, none of us knew where to find them. Even mother who has been living in China more than half a century has never tasted it before. Next time if I find something nice, I will just buy buy buy.

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