Tuesday, October 18, 2016

China Day 5: Pizza Hut...

~30th January 2016~
Eating cycle in China is different from at home. At home, I have light breakfast and heavy lunch with no dinner. I don't have time to dine like a queen for breakfast but I have ample time to do lunch. Dinner clashes with my working hours. But back in China, I have all the time in the world to have breakfast. Sometimes, we spend so much time for breakfast until it's creeping into lunch time. Thus, usually we don't have lunch in China but we have good time together during dinner, usually at home.
Since Pinky has ran out for her appointment, I planned to bring mi madre for a walk outside. The weather was good compared to few days back. When there was a thunderstorm, grandma ran out to yumcha with her friends and went for mahjong session until evening. She only came back to have dinner. Completely missed her afternoon nap, I think when you're playing mahjong you don't need any nap in between. 
I was planning to walk aimlessly as Googpe map could not function and I couldn't Google for anything. Google was completely dead. I'm cut off from the outside world except for Whatsapp and WeChat. Instagram was usable in year 2014 but now Instagram was redundant in China. 
I wanted to try the pizza at Pizza Hut. It's different in every country. The Pizza Hut in China was way better than our Pizza Hut in Malaysia. Sorry, that's an honest truth. 
The two of us finished up the whole pizza. I have no data to connect to Internet thus, I could not scan to check out what's on offer.

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