Friday, October 28, 2016

China Day 8: Reminiscing Along Guangfu New Street [廣富新街]

~2nd February 2016~
Pinky has no memory of this place as she left at the age of 8 to Shenzhen. It's the older generation's childhood memories. While the three of us were just tourists, first timer at the place, they knew the lanes at the back of their hands.
They were so excited that they walked and talked. We were brought into all the lanes until we reached the old teachers' college, the old primary school and they had so many good memories of the more than a century years old trees. They were telling each other about the times they were small, how they spent their time beneath the big tree as the summer was too hot to sit at home. Life was difficult back then but they made do of everything they had.
Part of the school has been demolished and rebuilt. It reminded me of my own school which I never go back to. All the memories - all but memories. It was quite sweet to relived those bitter sweet memories.
The houses were so old I thought they might collapse. It was quite dilapidated. You see, someone shifted out and abandoned their stuff outside the house. I have no idea how to clear up such mess unless I call the city council to help clear them up.
Seeing all of them so happy, it was really worth the long drive up. Even grandma missed the old place but the harsh winter in this area was no longer tolerable. As I am typing this now, grandma is already in Shaoguan, back for a visit, maybe to visit old friends and grandma is going hiking the next day.

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