Monday, October 24, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ I Love You, Tesco Malaysia ❀

It is very dangerous when I have nothing to do. I started thinking about how going to Tesco on Sundays is a waste of my one hour. Sometimes the queue was so long that with 20 counters on duty could not disperse the queue fast enough. 
I was actually reading someone's blog who mentioned about grocery shopping online. And in her post, she bashed Tesco delivery left and right for not being professionals in handling fresh goods. She mentioned about how her vegetables were crushed after being mixed with canned food and the fresh produce was not fresh at all. 
I started to Google for grocery online shopping and for Penang Island itself, there's delivery from Sunshine Square but Sunshine Square does not deliver fresh poultry. I live on chicken, not hot dogs. And I'm sorry Sunshine Square, I never like your price in the first place. 
I started clicking at midnight. I was really excited. When you buy online, you don't feel like you're spending money. It was a different feeling from buying at a store. 
Tesco, you don't break my heart. I've been with you since day one you open for business. I did run away to Mydin for a short period of time. 
Well, today Tesco truck arrived. I booked the slot 12pm to 2pm because there's no charges for the slots from 12pm onwards. Earlier than that you will need to pay RM5. Yeah, I'm stingy. I don't want to pay extra. If I need to pay extra I will go there and pick my own goods. No, there's no heavy traffic to go to Tesco and Tesco is less than 15 minutes drive away and I'm not that busy. I'm just busy at the wrong hours of the day. Maybe I'm just plain lazy. I just want to stay at home and not leave the house. It's a waste of time to drive out.
Tesco staff in charge of delivery has all my goods sorted out properly. The fresh poultry was in one plastic bag. The vegetables were in another one. The dried stuff was in another one. So, to those who bashed Tesco for not handling your goods properly, you're just unlucky. It's like how so many people rattled about AirAsia being a slow poke, always late and never on time but the number of times I've been on AirAsia, we were seated half an hour before flight time and we were up in the air on the dot. Never late, never delay and luggage never goes missing. So, you need favours from above~! Download from heaven~!

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