Wednesday, October 19, 2016

China Day 6: Dessert after Brunch...

~31st January 2016~
We have bottomless pit stomach. Second brother and wife took Pinky to the nearest phone shop. She could not live without Internet. She got herself a data plan that could last for many months. Mr. Ma would be staying for a few months as he has to settle some issues. 
After she's done, we went to get our all-time favourite double-skin milk pudding. We went to one of the branches which looked newer. Actually it's because we found a parking lot right smack there. It ain't easy to get a parking lot anywhere in China. If you get a parking summon, the public would shame you and you have to pretend that it's not your car. When the crowd has walked away then you quickly hop into your car and drive as fast as possible so that nobody would recognize you. That happened many years back to second aunt's car because she parked at the curb. We were looking at the car being the subject of disgrace with people pointing at the car, pointing here and there like it was the biggest issue.
I got my milk pudding topped with chocolate and I have mine cold. Little boy started crying when he saw that his was hot while mine was cold. Chinese mentality always tell their children winter must eat something hot but there are some dessert that would only taste perfect when chilled. He cried until he was about to roll on the floor and I said I would get him his cold dessert just like mine. In the end his father got it for him as his father also enjoyed the cold dessert. I can't stand a child crying. Thank God my precious wasn't like that.
After having our dessert, we went to this small shop which we frequented whenever we came over to Shunde. It's a small shop selling ham kiap kiap - all sort of preserved orange peel, every kind of preserved fruits, salty, sweet and sour. There were so many types of nuts and all the Chinese snacks.

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