Sunday, October 30, 2016

China Day 9: One of Those Relaxing Mornings...

~ 3rd February 2016~
We woke up in the morning feeling very relaxed. It was our last day in Shaoguan and mother has yumcha appointment with her old friends. First uncle made yumcha appointment with somebody else which I could not remember who. We just tagged along looking forward for dim sum. 
We really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves talking about nothingness. Being friends need not talk about something serious every time we see each other, if not life will be very stressful and I will not want to see anyone anymore for the rest of my life. Pinky has to look through the many words on the menu and tick the ones we wanted. She knows what I like, so I don't have to tell her what I want. 
While waiting for the food, we took a few pieces of photos together. We hardly have our photos together because as you see, she was always in front of me walking fast while I walked at a leisure pace. Actually I consider myself fast enough but she chased after the train every morning. She has to chase after the train because she is just like me. She wakes up on the third snooze of the alarm, washed up, changed up, hopped into the car, drives to next station where the parking is unlimited hours and chase after the train or else she will miss it. No, we cannot be earlier.. I understand her... we just can't bring ourselves to wake up an hour or two earlier. We enjoy our sleep. 

The food arrived. It was not that good but we enjoyed chatting with each other more.

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