Sunday, October 16, 2016

China Day 2: Calling It A Day...

~27th January 2016~
The car would be parked at the middle school's compound. There's seriously parking problems everywhere in China. Next time when I'm back there, I might not be able to recognize the school anymore. The school will be torn down and rebuild, a grand expansion to cater the increasing number of school going children. 
Instead of walking home, we decided to cross the road and hang out in Wal-mart. It's not like we're going to get lost. If there's Tesco and Wal-mart side-by-side, I will bid Tesco farewell for reasons unknown. 
After we're done hanging around in Wal-Mart, we walked through the Overseas Chinese City Shopping Plaza. That place looked as new as when it first opened. Serious problem in being a crowd puller. Wal-mart is the real crowd puller. We just used that place to walk the bridge so that we did not have to cross the road.
Traffic was not as heavy because many people have traveled to their respective hometown. Shenzhen is a new place created without history, out of swamp and sea. It's like visiting Kuala Lumpur during Hari Raya. We have the whole city to ourselves, almost that way. 

We stopped by at one of the music schools. I did not know why I choose this one. I wanted to rent a piano for a few minutes but I was willing to pay for an hour for the few minutes. Pinky has always said I've never played for her. She wanted live playing. I recorded my playing for her before. No, I don't play for anyone no matter how miserable you beg me to. It's for exclusive ears only. The staff called the boss and the boss allowed me to use whichever piano for free. Thank you. 
Dinner was being prepared while we were hanging out. Just something simple yet delicious. I believe one of my memory cards went missing already :'(
Before lights out, mother gave me a huge red packet for my birthday. I've never received a red packet with 1000 dollars before. I was so happy. It was 1000 yuan... more money to spend :o) Lights out at 10pm... the cold at night was really inviting. I actually turned on the air-cond so that the temperature would be 24-degree. Mi madre would be too cold at 8-degree. 

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