Sunday, October 09, 2016

China Day 2: Indonesia Seafood Restaurant, Here I Come~!!

~27th January 2016~
The daily view from the 23rd floor. Too many high rise until cannot see Hong Kong anymore. But still can see a tiny speck of Hong Kong from the master bedroom. 
Grandparents were excited to see us and being a courteous guest in the house, I let grandma placed the orders for dim sum. Grandpa was under the weather due to the extreme cold in Shenzhen. Extreme in the sense that Shenzhen's location at the far south of China, the temperature during winter should NOT be less than 10-degree Celsius but it has dropped to below 5-degree. Father *Pinky's dad*, whom I called father out of respect, came back from his work place because we came back. He was worried that we would not be able to find our way home. He kept calling mother to check on us whether we have arrived. He drove back from his work place. I will talk about his work place in future post. It was a long drive as I had the chance to drive to his work place.
Char koay kak served on crispy crust...
Grandma ordered so much food she thought we in Malaysia has no food to eat. Actually, I have not have dim sum for quite a long time. There's no time for dim sum as I only have 30 minutes to get ready before I hit the road. No, I will not wake up earlier because I enjoyed my sleep. 
Shenzhen is my second home. Home away from home. After seeing how grandma planned to feed us, I decided to take over the ordering of dim sum from the next day onwards. Anyway, I was very familiar with the place already and the staff also recognized me as the Malaysian who came to China for holiday. 
One should know that Chinese families who still hold on to close family values will have each meal together. It's very lonely to have your meal all by yourself with just the television to accompany you or even your phone accompanying you. During breakfast, we just talked and talked. There were so many things to talk about.
But one should not always blame the youngsters for being stuck to their phones 24/7. Grandma is hooked to her phone. Second aunt bought grandma a smartphone and taught her how to go online and use WeChat like every other Chinese citizen and grandma has so many group chats which she is actively involved in. When she's done eating, she will talk a bit here and there then she's busy with her phone. She finishes her data within two days and she's questioning the restaurant why there's no WiFi installed at the place. Grandma says that the Indonesia Seafood Restaurant should provide free WiFi to patrons. Grandma is 81 years old, a retired headmistress who used to be a Chinese Language teacher. But Pinky's Chinese is so lousy, she can't even read Chinese properly, no wonder she ended up in Australia. 
Oh, another culture in China. If you want to get someone fruits as 'buah tangan' *lost in translation* I don't know what's 'buah tangan' in English - you don't buy a few, you buy the whole box or whatever large package the fruits were packed into.

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