Friday, October 28, 2016

China Day 8: I Heart Shaoguan...

~2nd February 2016~
After such tiring hike, we were recharged after having the hot meal. On the way back to the hotel, we saw so many people walking to the night market. The whole street was closed from vehicles. We became excited and could not wait to walk to the place. First uncle wanted to find a parking spot somewhere so we could go together but the somewhere was never found.
He ended up going to his room for a rest. I think he's knackered and he's very cold. We started walking here and there, down this lane and down that lane. The night market was gone. We could not find it so we just walked around. We arrived at the building where father used to work. The building was still operating, doing the same thing.
We arrived at a shop selling bedspread. It was so comfortable I would have carried them home but I couldn't. I was not able to. I do not have the energy to do so. I found what I like but in the I stepped out of the shop because temptation was too strong, I had to get away. Pinky bought them back to Australia. It's really cheap buying from China and the quality was good. I told ya' export stuff was not as good. Export stuff was so second grade. 
I was entertained by a doggie outside the shop. Beside the shop selling bedding was a convenience store. The dog was hungry so the master slave went in to buy the vacuum-packed hot dogs for the dog. The dog finished the hot dogs so fast and looked hungrily at its master. In the end, the master went in to buy a few more dogs for the dog. I hope the many dog words do not confuse you. Those hot dogs the dog ate was the exact same one selling at our supermarket. They are not dog meat but chicken sausages. The dog was happy with the hot dogs. I was happy taking the dog's photo. The dog smiled at me.
After the dog left, I played with the camera a bit. The night lights in Shaoguan was really mesmerizing. It was so beautiful and I fall in love with Shaoguan. If our gahmen decorates our first and second Penang Bridge with these ever-changing lights, Penang will have people from all over the world coming in. And place colourful lights along big smelly drains. I tell you those big drains will be a hit in town and become popular tourists spot and romantic place to take photos.
We went back to have dinner. This time mother invited another friend. We wanted to try other restaurant along the stretch of restaurants. Pinky eats neither mutton nor lamb. I do not fancy mutton unless it's mutton curry from Jaya Catering in Penang. The body odour of goats can be smelled throughout the whole restaurant. We skipped out of the restaurant and started walking back to 添口福 . This time round there were not that many patrons like the previous night. Pinky scanned the bar code again but no more 1 yuan steamed egg with a whole river fish. 
The basketballs were full because the weather was great. We have no energy for Wal-Mart. It's time to sleep. First uncle drove us around a bit because we no longer have the energy to walk around. I just wanted to take a hot shower and curled up in bed.

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