Thursday, October 20, 2016

China Day 7: Road Trip to Shaoguan...

~1st February 2016~
Pinky said we would be going back to her hometown. The whole family was from there. Grandpa worked there as a high-profiled hush hush position which until today we didn't know. Grandma was teaching Chinese Language before being promoted to be a headmistress.
If we were to travel from Shenzhen I would go bonkers with the almost 4 hours drive. Our journey started at Shunde but it was still a long drive up north. I tried to concentrate and learn the route but I guess all car passengers would end up sleeping due to boredom. 
I felt like these chickens trapped in a small space. We used this bridge as it was the shortest route to arrive. There were two other routes which would take longer time albeit lesser traffic. After getting stuck in some stretches here and there, we decided to stop at the rest area. 
The rest area was completely different from what we have along our highways. They have really delicious food selling and there were so many people in every rest area, you would have no issues of perverts peeping at you while you're in the public toilet or some lunatics chasing after you where your shouts will only be echoed by your thumping heart. 
Second uncle thought he could make it all the way but in the end, he has to convince himself to let me drive. I was the only person who could drive. I woke up and I had to seriously convince myself that I could do it. It was too sudden and we were on a super highway. It was also a good practice to get use to left-hand drive. It was completely opposite where our speeding lane was on the right while their speeding lane was on the far left. If you want to drive at tortoise pace from 40 -80 kmph then stay on the far right. Large vehicles have to use second and third land, I consider that as middle lanes. Cars driving above 100 kmph must be on the first lane, on the far left. It was all painted on the road. And yes, two cars apart please. No hooligan driving on the highways. You only drive like assholes in city area.

When you're about to enter the tunnels, please smile at the camera. They snapped photos for two purposes - speeding and keeping a record on where you have been. Drive at 60 kmph in the tunnel, if not you can just smile in the dark, they have really good cameras where you couldn't escape. When I drove out of the tunnel, I saw this particular sign...
I was thinking which idiot would simply draw on it. I asked Pinky. Pinky said never seen before. We went through a few more tunnels and we saw the same sign again and again. Then, I was faced with my greatest fear - the ultimate traffic jam. I got to enjoy the view of the highway where the sides of the highway were strewn with empty bottles and plastic wrappers. It looked like a night market has been set up the previous night. There was so much rubbish along the highway it simply boggled your mind. We inched into the next tunnel and it was just a little scratch on the car's ass and both drivers were having the debate of the year in the middle of the road. No photos as all passengers were asleep and I have to stay focus.

Second uncle finally woke up and he asked me to speed off at the end of the tunnel. Only then he explained that the sign means you no longer drive at such speed, you must go beyond that speed. Oh, didn't tell me earlier. So after each tunnel I sped off like road runner *beep beep* 
I was excited to see the signboard with Shaoguan on it. I have to remind myself not to forget to turn, I do not want to end up in Beijing. That would take 18 hours to arrive. Before entering the city, I stopped the car at the side and second uncle took the steering wheel.
Shaoguan's city area will make you feel like you have been bullied by the traffic lights. When you wanted to turn, the straight from the opposite side was also given the green light. It was a competition to see who was faster. I could not understand why the system was so. That's why the use of honk was of utmost important. Spare thy honk, destroy thy life. Honk away~!!

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