Friday, October 28, 2016

China Day 8: Breakfast - The Chinese Way in 德馨閣

~2nd February 2016~
We woke up at - I don't remember what time -, dressed in layers and layers because it was only 3-degree Celsius. I enjoyed the cold, but it was also too cold to call it a comfortable day. It was quite a drive away - couldn't remember how far - just knew it wasn't within walking distance.
The old buildings were quite beautiful. There were many bridges in Shaoguan as the whole place has snaking long rivers everywhere. The rivers were as wide as sea, according to my island mentality. It's like Queensbay crossing over to Pulau Jerejak, a little wider and sometimes the water was kinda rough. 
The aunt and uncle from yesterday's dinner were here for breakfast. The Chinese are hospitable people, you could never compete with them even though they were relatives. They would not say bad things behind you unless you are such a terrible person, worth the saliva and energy to talk about. Another of their very old classmate came and joined in. They have so much to reminisce about. It was like hubby and friends talking about the yesteryears. 
The restaurant was the 'atas' type and instead of sitting with other patrons, as usual, we would take the private room. We have to take the private room because we are loud - very loud - fff - Fortississimo There's always a television to watch which we hardly use in whichever restaurant and plugs for phone charges which Pinky needed all the time.
While they were busy talking away, Pinky and I were busy eating. Pinky placed the orders because the order form was in *cough cough cough* Chinese square-boxes of lettering. I enjoyed some of the diagrams and got my panda red bean paste buns. The best platter was the durian paste puff - not sure whether to call puffs or not - Just eat.
We were treated like royalty everyday. We just eat and sleep except that I have to add the 'driver' job in my list. The name of this place is 德馨閣 and if translated directly, the name of the place in English should be Morally Fragrant Loft. The Chinese will never do English translation, but they would do pinyin translation which means you spell out what you hear. I don't know when I will ever learn to recognise one or two Chinese characters. 

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