Wednesday, October 12, 2016

China Day 2: Dutch Flower Town...

~27th January 2016~

Father likes flowers. He's a very much sought-after landscaper. I like flowers, too. I like bright colours. Father wants to see what flowers are available for his new project. 

Mother snap a picture and sent it straight to Pinky. It was her lunch time in the Land of Oz and she was squirming in her seat while looking at how I've started my holiday without her. And it's my birthday and she was suppose to be celebrating with me. It's okay... while you squirm in your seat, I'll enjoy walking around. 
There were not that many people around. Not crowded at all maybe because Chinese New Year was not that near yet. While the Chinese in Penang were buying cookies and bak kwa, the Chinese here were busy buying flowers to decorate the house. This Dutch Flower Town is where florists congregate. Father just wanted to see as he could get them straight from the nurseries. 
Hypermarkets in Malaysia were putting up reduced prices for mandarin oranges, people in China do not even eat mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year. The whole mandarin orange tree was placed in a big flower pot then usually restaurants and shops will buy them to be put at the main entrances. Those mandarin oranges are not meant to be eaten and we over here in Malaysia are eating them. Aiyo... either Malaysian Chinese are steep in tradition or Chinese in China have forgotten their roots.
Mi madre found the flower plant named after her. Mi madre is a flowering plant. But the flowers too tiny and white in colour. I don't like white flowers. 
There's this weird-looking plant and I thought the name was even weirder, it was so damn long. How to remember such long name. Take a photo and get my translators to read when I'm home. *sigh* In the end, mother apologized to the guy manning the stall saying that I'm not Chinese, I cannot read Chinese. That long name was not even the name of the plant but a reminder not to take photos and not to touch the plants. Oh, my.... if no photography allowed, can't you just show the sign by axing the camera? Why write until so long and put the reminder in the flower pot?

Were those rabbits and dogs reared for their meat? I'm just wondering.

Tulips Street... where were those tulips? No tulips also... I have finally realized that those rows and rows of flowers of the same kind and same colour, they were not grown that way. I thought they grew from seeds in beautiful rows until I saw the workers planting them, removing them from black plastic bags. I could even do that in my garden, okay... Just buy flower plants which have bloomed and then dig holes one after another, and ta-da.... I can have my own rows of flowers. In conclusion, I abandoned my small patch of garden already. Let the plants take care of themselves. They thrived better without my care.

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