Sunday, October 23, 2016

PFS Bicentenary Celebration...

A few months back when hubby was getting the tickets for the 200 years old biggest reunion back in his old school, I was thinking of not going at all. They actually planned on how many tables to take since more than a year ago during the Chinese New Year reunion. I have never thought I would end up there. I'm usually very lonely in a large crowd because I will have nothing to say except for the occasional nods and smiles. I am a Georgian from year 2001 while hubby and friends graduated before I existed in 1977.
On that Friday afternoon itself, hubby's friend was admitted to hospital due to unusually high fever and he wanted to give his ticket away. Bless this kind soul with good health. I was forced to make last minute decision whether to take it up or not. I was in another house where the clothes in the wardrobe was from more than 10 years ago and I've added more than 10kg since then. It's an average of 1kg of increase each year. I found a very nice cheongsam in the wardrobe but the slit was so high up. I was doing fashion show with almost all the dresses pulled out from the wardrobe and littered on the bed. While my class was on-going, I stumbled out of the room with the high slit cheongsam which the students said NO to. I went in for another round of clothes battle and eventually mix and match a blouse and a skirt. The white part of the blouse was peppered with yellow stains but who would bother with what I wear right? I was so right. I should just go in my t-shirt and jeans and I could make myself invisible.
I asked hubby to bring my camera for me. I have three batteries and two were completely flat. The only surviving battery was very cooperative, it worked until the last piece of photo and went into a complete coma. Two cameras and six batteries, not a single one was working and phone was beeping asking to be charged. I'm actually a professional of last minute. 
I'm not going to be the wife who sat on the table looking bored. I became class 77's photographer. Aim and shoot away~! The rumbling of voices of 5000+ people was so great. I told the hubby no one would concentrate to the performance on stage. They were so engrossed in taking photos and I was so busy clicking away. To get the whole form together, I ended up standing on the chair wearing a skirt. Thank God I didn't wear the high slit cheongsam. 
It was a really good experience to see them shaking hands with each other, giving each other a pat on the shoulder and chatted like they've never left school. Of course they were physically different. I don't have to mention how different. 
Who created the ceiling fan? Did the creator of ceiling fans forget to study about heat? Those ceiling fans were circulating heat all over. After finishing up the food at lightning speed as there was not much to eat, the whole class of 77 migrated to the air-conditioned school hall. Not only from this year, there were so many people at the school hall.This reunion was not about food. I think if the caterers forget to come, no one would complain. It's all about the biggest reunion ever held. 
By the way, our pineapple was there too. Pineapple is in upper six. Pray for my pineapple as she is going to sit for her STPM papers next month. 
Nah, I'm not lonely. I know how to create my fun time. I'm not an old frees. I went to PFS once only for the Christian Fellowship. I have no memory etched out at the school and have no love for the school as well. I still do not understand the tiff between Old Frees and Old Saints. Hubby's friend said that if I'm an old saint, they would throw me out of the school compound immediately. Georgian is welcomed though.

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