Tuesday, October 18, 2016

China Day 5: Ecological Square, OCT...

~30th January 2016~
Nice weather still. No rain. Not hot. I brought mi madre to walk all over the Ecological Square, taking the long way home instead of cutting across shortcuts to reach home. We took an hour plus to walk around. There's more outside life in China than back at home.
Dance practice, reading, walking dogs, walking babies, walk here and there. We used the glass bridge. Get to see the murky water with some lotus flowers not yet in full bloom. I like the colours. 
I'm still wondering until today, what the heck was that red submarine-ball. It's time machine? 
There's a pond to catch fish. I think must throw the fish back in like fishing at the Teluk Bahang or Air Itam dam. You catch it and release it back. I cannot lor... If I catch a fish, I want to bring back to cook.
Eh, drug addicts always steal the man-hole cover. Gahmen should use this padlock to lock also. Maybe our drug addicts will end up stealing the heavy lock instead.
Oh, saw this boy again. He has been chasing after cars from the walkway. His own exercise regime. His human grandmother brought him down from the apartment because he got bored staying at home. He would be downstairs playing chasing cars in the morning and evening. His human grandmother even brought his bowl of water and some snacks for him to eat when he wanted to rest. I looked at him running up and down, I felt like sweating already. Oh, cannot sweat. I did not have enough clothes to rotate for three weeks. 
Went home to wait for dinner time. Waiting for everyone to get ready... spent some time at the balcony.

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