Sunday, October 30, 2016

China Day 9: The Devil's Lair...

~ 3rd February 2016~
They wanted to go to the temple. Entrance fee must be paid. I have been to various kinds of temples when I was young as my own father likes visiting temples. 
This one was an eye opening one. There was this whole building where photography was not allowed and the devils of sorts were handcrafted. They looked just like how those people who have journeyed to hell and described what they saw in hell. I don't really know how to describe what I saw from the bottom to the ceiling of the building. There were so many of them I shudder to think humans can be so disillusioned to acknowledge these demons from the pit of hell as gods. 
And see how that child prayed. She was not the only one kneeling down. How many people in the church kneels down other than during altar calls? Hardly any... How many actually kneels down while spending time quiet time with God? Maybe only when they need God's emergency intervention but many will be quick to point their fists towards heaven when prayers are not answered. 
There's no life in this place. Even the fishes died in the pond. But they were serious in rescuing the dying century-old trees. They did their job very well in helping the tree. That was human trying to save a tree. What happen to the thousand of gods inside the building? Can't the many gods rescue one or two trees?

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