Wednesday, October 19, 2016

China Day 6: Dim Sum Overload in Shunde...

~31st January 2016~
I could smell grandma's pork trotter in black vinegar from the kitchen. I thought I would have some before going out. Father would drive us to Shunde as taking the public transport was impossible. All train tickets and bus tickets have been booked a month or two earlier as everyone was busy traveling to their respective hometowns. Since we would be having breakfast the moment we arrived in Shunde, I did not go into the kitchen to dig the pork trotter. That was the greatest mistake~!
We were stuck at Humen Bridge for many hours. Our breakfast time disappeared into thin air. I hate this Humen Bridge. The traffic would come to a standstill for no reason at all. After a particular bottle-neck stretch, it would be completely clear like there's no traffic at all. The traffic condition has never changed since the first time I came. It was just getting worse. Our breakfast turned into brunch. Father dropped us without breakfast as he has to leave to get to his workplace. At that point of time, none of us had any idea where his workplace was.
We came to this Fusion Park as usual and I'm still not sure whether the name of the restaurant is Fusion Park or its the name of the entire building. We went in and chose the biggest table. Second aunt brought us here and first aunt and uncle would be coming as well. We thought it was the usual way to place our orders by ticking on the paper since a pencil was also placed on our table. After looking through and tick tick tick, the waitress said they won't be serving us, we have to get up and go get our dim sum from the stall in front. 
Pinky went to grab grab grab because it's her first dim sum after two years. Second aunt again thought we Malaysians have no food in Malaysia. She took so much to feed the entire village. The dim sums were considered as dry order so for wet order like porridge, the 'ticked' paper was still in need. We did not erase the dry dim sum that we have ticked as the waitress said they would not serve us.
When first aunt and uncle arrived, to our horror the waitress pushed a four-tiered cart to our table and started unloading the food on our table. We were completely stunned as the waitress started unloading everything that we ticked on the paper. She said she was just following our 'ticks' and the way she answered 'ticked' second aunt off completely. Second aunt can be very loud if she wanted to but the waitress played dumb and started stacking the bamboo containers and plates on our table and at the same time clearing our first round of eating. It's like pressing reset button. We started eating all over again like the first round of eating never happened but we could not trick our stomach.

Second brother who came late asked his mother whether she's feeding the entire village. They're not like other Chinese who would waste food. We tapao-ed everything home after eating as much as we could. We were looking for the first waitress who said they would not be serving dry dim sum as it was self-service. Second aunt just wanted her to explain herself but she was nowhere to be found. She vanished into thin air.

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