Thursday, October 20, 2016

China Day 7: Refuelling in the Morning...

~1st February 2016~
We went to another dim sum place but I couldn't find the name of the place. Either there were too many words or no words at all. There was water cut at the area as the water in the tank was frozen. It was serious winter problem so there wasn't much being served. 
I saw something I wanted and I waited for the lady to be free until it was my turn but suddenly from behind me, an old aunty just grabbed what I wanted. I looked at her in horror because she just cut my queue and took what I wanted and passed it to the lady. I did not know what to do but I was upset. So, I adapted to the current situation and started grabbing whatever I wanted without a care in the world. Back at Indonesia Seafood Restaurant, I would be served properly like a VVIP because of grandmother. Now grandmother wasn't with us and my VVIP status cease to exist in a foreign restaurant. *cry... I want to go back to Indonesia Seafood Restaurant*
The food was not too bad, nothing to shout about, but they served the best porridge and glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. I like lo mai fan but that's the only one available thanks to my quick hand and the ability to adapt as it was the last one at the stall. *sigh* Pinky also loves sticky rice. We can be perfect partners for food travels. I can have the meat, she can have the vegetables.
It was still raining but we had to start our road trip. First uncle has arrived the previous night in Shaoguan. 

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