Saturday, October 15, 2016

China Day 2: Of Parking Woes and Lazy Photography...

~27th January 2016~
We were heading to another floral exhibition. We actually found a parking lot but as it was raining earlier, the soil turned into mud puddle. The car sank in and father quickly got out of the mud puddle. I hardly have the chance to be a passenger so I found every opportunity to enjoy the ride. 

I did not program my mind to drive in China but I took along my international driving license just because I have it. I looked at the way they drive, I could not handle the craziness and the never ending honking. 
Cars crossing, human crossing and doggie also wanted to cross...
Look at how horrible it was. Narrow roads and everybody wanted to go the wrong side and there were a few idiots who just parked their cars haphazardly. The distance from each car was barely 1 centimetre. I was thinking to myself, I could not handle left hand drive and driving on the wrong side of the road. Let it be. 
I just did some lazy photography. One of the Taiwanese guide who is also a photographer said he has never seen a lazy photographer like me. When we were in Hualien, he wanted to stop for me to take photos but I asked him to go ahead and drive on. Even if he stopped his car, I would not bother getting down from the car. 
To earn the title of being a lazy photographer, you just have to be quick enough and to know what kind of photos you want. You shouldn't keep your camera or else you would miss it because you were in a moving vehicle. Speed on.... I know what I want. 
My joy as a passenger was short-lived. Before long, I was behind the steering wheel and I was giving myself self-motivation. I was doing inter-state driving and the anaconda-long snaking traffic jam was terrifying. Well, I have to face my fears. I made it and was driving here and there and all over. The only setback was I need my navigator as I could not read the signboard and China has road signs completely different from ours even Pinky has not seen them before. And Pinky has never driven in China. I no longer consider her as my hostess when it seemed like I'm serving her in her home country. Since I have regarded Shenzhen as my second home, so high time I know the roads there.

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