Monday, October 17, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ The SunChasers' Maiden Exhibition ❀

Who are these people? Nah... you don't see them running along the highway chasing after the sun. Nope, they don't swim in the sea to chase after the sun and definitely, they're not going to hike up the hill and jump over it as the sun sets behind the hill. There's this popular Chinese saying  太阳下山which literally means the sun descends the mountain  *I'm translating according to the Chinese mentality*
The SunChasers are avid photographers *if you Google for the SunChaser you will see the work of Nuker Kuku - how he got that name was beyond my understanding*  who do not mind getting out of the house before the crack of dawn to catch the first glimpse of sunrise. The captured first light of the day would leave your jaw hanging. WOW~! It's more than a WOW~! I know words escaped your mind. There's nothing else to say except to just stand and stare. It's amazing to see their works on computer and wouldn't it be more awesome to see them printed and mounted on frame?
Looking at sunrise will never be the same again. Oh, you say you want to capture your own sunrise and see them with your own eyes? Don't joke... how often can you wake up that early and are you willing to drive to the location where the sun rises? It will be low tide and the smell of mud is not inviting and fancy having your pair of favourite sneakers soaked in mud. You will miss the sunrise entirely because you are mad at yourself for not having enough sleep, you're stuck in the shit smelling mud, the sea water looked like sewer water and there's something floating around, a bloop sound and a ripple, you're so focused on what's going on around your feet that by the time you lift up your head, you've just missed the sun rising. I can assure you the sun rises as fast as it sets. The worst scenario would be the sun never made a grand appearance because that huge cloud decided to play the role of a stage curtain. I'm a dreamer yet am also a realist.
What about sunset? The SunChasers do capture amazing sunsets as well. The difference between what the SunChasers capture through their lens and what you capture through your lens is a universe apart. It's not because of the camera but it has everything to do with skills and passion. It's like chopping garlic and slicing onions. You need the skill and passion, it's not because of the knife. Don't laugh... you really need passion to chop garlic and onions. 

That WOW! picture can be on your office wall, your study table, your living room and your kitchen wall. You've just missed the first exhibition, wait for the next one in future. 
Aren't you proud to have this group of SunChasers right here in Penang? Made in Penang, Malaysia. They do 'chase' after the sun to other states and country. That picture of sunrise will remind you that it's a new day and you can decide what you want to do with the  86 400 seconds before the sun rises the next day. That sunset is a promise that tomorrow will be a better day - the sun telling you, "See ya tomorrow". When all promises are broken and hopelessness sets in, the Creator of the sun keeps to His promises,"I'll see you tomorrow and I'll cover you through the darkest night. If you can't see me the next morning, I'm behind those clouds. Still there, always there."

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