Tuesday, October 18, 2016

China Day 5: A Long Wait...

~30th January 2016~
It's Pinky's birthday. She flew the previous night. Her flight was delayed a bit. I can't wait to see her even though we've just met two months back so we didn't miss each other that much. Nevertheless, it's a joy to see her and Mr. Ma, her hubby. I've calculated her flight arrival but nobody knew that something else would go wrong so badly on the road.

I was still rolling in my nest when my WeChat sounded. Mother sent a voice message saying that they were stuck in a non-moving jam. They were not even crawling at sloth speed. Then Pinky texted to say that she has arrived a long time ago. I calculated 6:30a.m and father left the house at 5a.m. It's a two-hour drive from Shenzhen to Guangzhou airport. Shenzhen airport could not receive long haul flight at that time. I think they have opened for bigger planes since the airport has been upgraded in size and stature. Instead of talking face-to-face we spent the whole morning talking nonsense through WeChat. Apparently, there was a minor accident where 4 to 5 cars kissed each other's ass. It was nothing serious but in China, it became a serious matter that everyone on the highway was stuck for 5 hours. I shudder at the thought of having to sit in a stationary car with the engine running for 5 hours. Flight from Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur is only 4 hours and another hour from Kuala Lumpur and Penang, I would have arrive home. Why accidents cannot disperse fast enough in China? It's very simple. Someone hit your backside and you get down, you see scratches and dents, thus you demand for compensation in cash. The one who hit you offered maybe 100 yuan but that was ridiculous as you can't do much with 100 yuan except buy 5 Fuji apples for your breakfast. So you demand for 500 yuan but the one who hit you thought that you're taking advantage of the situation. How much is the cost of repair? Nobody knows... so they bicker in the middle of the road. Yeah, I've seen this while on the road driving to Guangzhou. And nobody will want to give each other contact numbers what more home address to locate you.
We were actually waiting for grandma to come home. Grandma has busy schedule every morning. She joins two groups - one taichi group and one singing group. Instead of staying for the entire program, grandma would join the taichi group first and then make herself disappear and reappear at the singing group for the next half session. There are so many activities at the park downstairs. I said I would follow her one morning but after so many years, I couldn't make it. The bed was more comfortable plus the cold of winter. it was good to snuggle.
I grabbed dim sum for ourselves. Grandma would want to order for the whole village to eat again. I just got us enough fuel for morning. When we were done with breakfast, we still see no sign of them. I just waited for phone call to get downstairs to help her with her luggage. Two persons with 5 huge luggage. She brought the whole Australia home. See... she's not my host. I was serving her. 

Oh, I went to pick up her birthday cake from Ichiban. I paid a fraction of the fee only as mother has Ichiban card loaded with 150 yuan given to school teachers. A kilo of cake cost 285 yuan. Anything for her 30th birthday, that's why we were all back in China. We're back for her birthday and also to celebrate Chinese New Year as grandparents like the house to be filled with people. 
Terrible her actually arranged for dental appointment in the afternoon and lunch date with her old classmates. She stepped into the house, sort out the many luggage and rushed out already.

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