Wednesday, October 19, 2016

China Day 6: Resting and Thought Entertaining...

~31st January 2016~
The television was huge and it's brand new. The whole floor was renovated to have the English feel and Shunde was like one big freezer. It was so cold and most houses were not equipped with heater as it was the coldest winter with snow before we arrived. It's the first time Shunde snowed. 
Second brother just got LeTV with so many channels and after I was taught how to press the remote control, mi madre and I were hooked to the LeTV. Pinky and mother wanted to see baby attending music class. First brother enrolled his baby to music class. He's barely one year old. They're the kiasu parents of modern China. No wonder in China you can earn money in whatever you're doing, just create a need in people, for example if you child do not participate in this particular music class, the creative brain will not be able to develop properly. What nonsense la~! Music composers never attend any classes la.... and those attending numerous music classes never make it in the music industry. 

We chose to stay at home and plastered ourselves on the Cleopatra cushion with our thick jackets. When we're tired of watching, we paused for a bit then I went to the balcony to admire the neighbours' houses. The one opposite has a big 'L' shaped mansion. I was not thinking about how wealthy the family was. I was thinking how to clean the floor with four storeys. The building next it was half the size of the mansion. It looked more like a flat building. How would it feel to live in such a big house?
I totally forget that I was standing in one myself. As a guest, it was different. You couldn't roam around the house freely but actually I did. Too many things in the house and not well-maintained. I wonder whether the opposite houses and houses along the stretch were not properly maintained as well. I wanted to really feel how it was to be living in a mansion with total freedom to move around like I own it. Just a dream...
The Labrador puppies were barking upstairs. The puppies lived on the top most floor. 

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