Sunday, October 16, 2016

China Day 3: The Modern Culture of China...

~28th January 2016~
Lazy morning. I suggested that we just have breakfast at home. Then, mother made us some fried rice.
As lazy as I could be, we ended up walking across to Wal-Mart again. The Chinese will buy those that still swim. There are those who will bought frozen ones, the young adults - not the oldies. With Wal-Mart around, nobody would go hungry. There's so much food there but I've never tried any of them. It's because Tesco has lousy food and I was afraid if Wal-Mart sells lousy food, it will spoil my favourite hang out place. During Chinese New Year. Anyway, during Chinese New Year there's no boxes of mandarin oranges to be seen. Instead, people would give boxes of strawberries *Pinky kept one box until rotten - proved how busy we were* or apples. The apples were so delicious I could have them everyday. 
Then, on the way out, we stopped by at the wet market. The floor was really wet. It has never been dry. It was not dirty neither was the place smelly but it lived up to its name being a wet market. From the vegetables section to the meat section and seafood section, the whole place was wet from one end to another. I got the baby oranges they were so sweet and I was eating a minimum of 10 oranges a day. I could finish the whole big box in two days' time.
Lunch was at home. A couple of hours after lunch, we decided to venture out. Father came with us because we were going to the food expo. We were so lost at the subway station. There were 8 exits and each exit would bring you to a different place. A young girl told us exit H and mind you, exit H was at least 10 minutes walk away from exit A. We walked up the stairs and found ourselves standing on a street with no huge building for the expo. We went down again and asked another passer-by which led us to the correct exit at A. I consider my exercise for the day was done at the subway station looking for the right exit. 
When the Chinese in Malaysia were buying prawns and stuff for steamboat, I thought we would be doing the same thing. Instead, we were at this food expo where dried stuff and waxed animals were sold. I love the smell of mushrooms in particular. 

Other than food stuff, there were stalls selling bedding. If I can carry these comforters home, I would have done it. It was so comfortable. I feel like jumping on it and roll on top of it.
Running away....

We went back with our treasures placed in the luggage. They bought two luggage in preparation of future holiday trips but they never arrived. Father just accepted another work project.
The unformed yolk.... yucks...
Dinner was at home. And I was horrified to find two egg yolks from the whole chicken. Ugh~! I've never come across egg yolk from a chicken before. This was completely new. 
My nest...

Another cold cold night to enjoy. My comfortable nest, more comfortable than in a hotel. I just wrapped myself inside. Lights off at 10p.m. was very rested. 

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