Friday, October 28, 2016

China Day 8:[丹霞山] Danxiashan - The World Sex Geopark...

~2nd February 2016~
It boggles my mind how we always ended up hiking during our holiday trips. The moment we landed in Taiwan, I dragged everyone for a hiking trip at Elephant Mountain. This now, I have no idea whose idea but we were heading towards the mountain, not a hill. I have never hike up to Penang Hill before, mind you. I can collapse just thinking about hiking up Penang Hill. Doing Level 3 from Youth Park was taking my breath away and I only went up once to Level 5, almost ripping my lungs out of my chest. 
Here we were all dressed in layers, walking like penguins, going up the mountain. I thought the green lake was beautiful until we walked further and saw that obscene penis mountain. It was so huge I think our gahmen would have blast that one down without anyone's consent. How was that even natural? Yet, it was natural. My friend showed me the Koh Samui's grandpa's rock. That was nothing compared to this standing cock rock. And it was beautiful, perfectly shaped and not too curved. Do let your imaginations run wild. 
We continued on to look at breasts. As if we don't have. But those rock breasts required skills to be chanced upon. When we arrived at that breast spot, we did not know where to look at until when I snapped a picture or two and looked through the camera screen. You see, sometimes you need your camera to tell you what you are looking at.
We took the cable car to another place. This time we were serious about nature. You know how those who were really afraid of heights always asked me to go to high places, to the peak of mountains. Whenever we planned our trip, the travel buddy would include highlands and mountain peaks with cable car rides. I kept quiet, wondering whether she has grown out of being an acrophobic. There, it runs in the family. First uncle was even more fearful. He has the money but he has never taken a domestic flight before, what not international flights. First uncle welcomed the rail project to connect China to Singapore. He will be the first on the train if he is not too busy with work. 
This time round, we have to hiked all the way to the viewing platform known as Shaoying Viewing Platform. There was a viewing tower as well. You should not do anything silly at the platform as the whole place was equipped with CCTV. They have eyes on you and Chinese security guards really work, they do not sleep on their jobs.
The view was beautiful only if the fog was not around. We came so far to see the whole place covered in fog. Do you know how it feels like to climb during the winter? It was actually very nice. No sweat at all. Sometimes you felt hot but to remove the jacket was sort of a mistake. I tried to peel my collar away from my neck but then the gust of cold wind blew in and I was cold again. I think I would prefer hiking during winter rather than summer.
We wanted to go and see the vagina rock but the lady at the counter said it would be a non-stop two hours hike for professionals and amateurs would take at least six hours. I think I would need six hours. I should not be bothered with vagina rock. The monastery was also built up there. Ugh.... Why would the monastery be built there? Shouldn't it be facing the other rock?
We went off and I saw a waterfall. I like waterfalls because they just looked amazing. That was lazy photography from the car. Another monastery was up there at the middle level.

The end of our obscene mountain hike. We drove out of the place in search of food. We were so hungry we could not be bothered with which restaurant was the best. We stopped the car and literally jumped out of the car and said we need food and we need them now.
The freshwater fish was really good and the tofu was awesome. The other plate was too complicated to understand. We were extremely cold and we could eat a bucket of rice.

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