Sunday, October 30, 2016

China Day 9: The Emperor's Coin?

~3rd February 2016~
Look like four gangsters by the roadside...
After having our breakfast, first uncle went to meet two other people who wanted to give Chinese New Year goodies. They gave lots and lots of fresh produce which can only be found in abundance in their land. In Shaoguan, it was rich with water chestnuts and we were given boxes and boxes until there was hardly any place to put in the car. 
While waiting by the road side, Pinky found a stall selling dried sweet potatoes which I find *ugh*
The drive back was smooth sailing. Nobody was heading down south. The whole of China was moving up north and east where the old villages were. Anyway, first uncle used another route. He dared not put his life into my hands thus he has to endure the long drive. Second uncle must be too sleepy to think more when he asked me to take over the steering wheel. 
I like to see bridge structures in different styles. China has so many different bridge designs. This one looked kinda messy and I like messy and complicated designs. The messier, the better. 
Then, I saw this huge emperor's old coin rolling on the road. Oh, it wasn't rolling on the road. My head was rolling. I was dozing on and off from the long drive. We woke up to see the big old coin with a hole in the middle. It was not a coin, duh~! It was a building which housed offices. Fancy working in that kinda building. Really unique~! But I prefer my building like Alcatraz or any form of fort, to reduce space wastage. That big hole in the middle is a waste of air space. 

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