Wednesday, October 19, 2016

China Day 6: Private Dinner at Dream Home...

~31st January 2016~
Pinky and mother have gone to the restaurant ahead of us. Second brother came back to pick us. We're having dinner with everyone like one big family. It was a feast.
This Dream House restaurant transformed an old narrow house into a restaurant. It was for private dinners only where you need to book a place because you would be dining in one of the bedrooms. See, even the old wardrobe was not knocked out of its place. Just keep everything intact. 
The food was excellent. I'm not being bias... one should try Shunde's cuisine. I mentioned before, if I need Shunde's food, I would come straight to Shunde. Shunde is one true food paradise.
Hey, that's Dream House's phone number 22220996. If you're using international number, you can add +86 in front. 

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