Tuesday, November 01, 2016

China Day 10: The Sun Came Out in Shunde...

~4th February 2016~
The sun finally decided to make its presence felt in Shunde. The previous night we were so engrossed in watching movies after movies, mi madre and I hogged the flat screen TV, as if back at home in Penang we have no TV. We slept around 2:30a.m and it was freezing cold.
Shunde has never experienced temperature below 10-degree Celsius but it was at 9-degree Celsius, feeling lesser than that. We were on the Cleopatra couch with our feet curled up and I did not want to remove my socks either. We didn't sleep well because the fluffy blanket and bed spread were of no help at all. Why so soft but so cold? 
We woke up around 9a.m. or 10 a.m. While we were engrossed with movie-watching, Pinky and the rest of them went swimming on the mahjong table until 4a.m. We went out to look for lunch and it was not that cold outside the house. The sun proved to be functioning perfectly unlike the sun in Beijing which was of no use. 
After lunch, we went to our favourite street. Pinky and I got what we both wanted. I got my double-later steamed milk 双皮奶 topped with chocolate sauce and the rest ordered something else on the menu. The menu was so long, can combine all the words to form an essay. After that Pinky would go queue up at another stall down the lane to get her favourite beef tripe and intestines braised in spicy thick sauce. 
It was actually very good just that I do not fancy beef unless you're talking about wagyu beef. Then, she stopped at another shop selling all sorts of feet. I mean chicken feet and also goose feet.That street was suppose to be a shopping street but I was not a shopper so I just walked around. If I stay in Shunde, I don't think I'll go there at all. 
There's another shop selling Chinese cookies or biscuits. Something like it's a must to go to Ghee Hiang or Him Heang or whatever Heang to get your Chinese snacks. Pinky always comes to this one but I don't fancy any of them.
Living in such a big bungalow can be boring. That dog says it. This dog has its soft toy on the window on the first floor. I think the dog owns the whole room or the whole floor. It was barking at anyone passing by. Poor doggie.... must be bored silly. 
We went back to wait for dinner time. Going to Shunde is just to eat, eat and eat. We're always thinking about the next meal before we even finish the present meal. 

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