Tuesday, November 01, 2016

China Day 10: Dinner at 禾盛...

~ 4th February 2016~
I wanted to translate the name of the restaurants but in the end I find it useless. The Chinese do not do translation instead you'll be looking at the pinyin which brings no meaning at all. So, if you're looking for the same restaurant, just use the Chinese name.
That night, we went to a place which I have been before. I think it shifted to a better place but still poorly lit. If you're looking for good food in Shunde, it's not at those places advertised in newspapers or food channels. You need to be brought in by the locals. I really thank God for sending Pinky into my path and we clicked so well and became travel buddy. She's also my food buddy - I am meat, she eats vegetables and we both love Japanese food, of course Chinese cuisine, too. Canton style is the best of the best~!
The honey ribs were so so good. It made the pig's neck in the afternoon go down by a notch or two. I was so good second aunt ordered a second plate for me. So... so... good.... Yeah, I'm a very big eater when it comes to meat. I cannot finish a scoop of salad. I will literally cry if you make me eat salad. I think highly of cows and goats. Do not eat what they eat. They need more food.
The buns were also good, ordered one more serving. We almost did not make it to this place as there was no parking at all. Desperate people like me almost took over the steering wheel and parked like I own the place. Well, if you scold me in pure Chinese, I don't have to pretend that I don't understand because I really don't understand. I will use Hokkien or Teochew dialect to reply then they will know I'm from the village up in the mountain. In the end, both cars managed to squeeze into two tiny parking lots. Yeah... when you're desperate, you feel that even the cars can change size as you wish.
Another private dining, this place only caters for private dining. Nice... nice...

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