Wednesday, November 09, 2016

China Day 16: Another Round of Dinner...

~ 10th February 2016 ~
First uncle and family would be coming from Hong Kong for dinner. Hong Kong was not far, it was just across the land. First uncle would be bringing grandpa's sister over as well for dinner then she would make her way back to Hong Kong. We met grandaunt during the previous trip two years ago and she was extending her invitation to us. I could not even cough up an answer. I'm sorry, I don't love you enough Hong Kong. I don't even like you, Hong Kong. 
Mother said it was impossible to cook up a storm for everyone so we went over to Indonesia Seafood Restaurant again. This was one restaurant I don't mind going for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I will never be bored with the food. Kudos to the chefs~! You nailed my taste buds~! To the owner of Indonesia Seafood Restaurant, please give big big red packets with lots of money to your kitchen staff, especially the chefs from those preparing dim sums to those who sweat it out at the stove.
Second uncle's friend was around as well so he joined us for dinner. Then, it was photography session again as we would be heading home soon and would not be meeting them until I don't know when. 
We cooked our three items from home and brought them along for everyone. Thank you for not showing us the door. I know it was rude to bring our own food but sorry again, we could not help it. It was a last minute plan that was why we did not even book the private room. You must not ask me to keep the fresh seafood in the freezer for the next day unless I bought them dead. Love you very much, Indonesia Seafood Restaurant, see you again... soon.

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