Thursday, November 03, 2016

China Day 13: The Rest of My CNY Eve...

~ 7th February 2016 ~
I spent many hours at the balcony. I realize that those who owned houses with balconies never bother to use them. Most will use it to dry clothes. I disagree with drying clothes at the balconies. The lifestyle of modern living dropped to ground zero after hanging your underwear and innerwear at the balconies. Just find some other places to hang them. But being typical Chinese, wherever you can find sunlight, just hang your wet clothes.
We did go to the Happy Valley but until the entrance only. Photos were.... missing. Nothing can be done. I never make an effort to go to Happy Valley which was exactly next to where we live. The waterpark will be opened during summer only.
And then this killer tower, I could see the different faces screaming. Some did not show any emotions. No scream, no fun. Either too scared to scream or played too often until there thrill was no more there.
Then I looked through the many buildings. Too many high rise apartments, condominiums and flats. Pinky and I calculated the price of a three-bedroom condominium. It costs around 1.13 billion yuan. I think I'll just buy the door and window panels as deposit. 
That's the bridge connecting Shenzhen to Hong Kong. Nothing to shout about the design of the bridge. It looks like Penang Bridge. No difference. Just placed in a different location. But the night view was mesmerizing. 
We had dinner at home. Simple dinner but we liked it this way. I like eating at home. And see what grandma was doing. Grandma was playing with her phone again. She got lots of programs lined up. At that point of time, we did not know that she has arranged a huge luncheon. *Grandma, I clap for you* I seriously have to salute to grandma. Grandma has too many activities. Grandma, no phones during meal time please. When the Wi-fi slows down, I'm not the first one to jump.
After dinner, I went back to my balcony sitting in the cold night. We wanted to watch the Chinese New Year live performances but this year's was so boring and every channel showed the same live program. The rest went snoring already. 
I did the same thing. People watching through the lens. It was very interesting. I think I'm a stalker, stalking at no one in particular.

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