Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Day 17: Our Most Expensive Lunch at 明月园酒楼...

~ 11th February 2016 ~
We were famished. The place looked almost empty. They just placed the order while I looked at the menu. The menu refused to speak to me. The menu was stupid. No picture at all. 
Mr. Ma said not to eat rice. We agreed. We took heed of grandma's advice of less rice or no rice diet. The lady placed a basin of rice on our table. She said it's home grown. The paddy field was just beside and behind the house. Okay, we took a scoop of rice each. In the end we had two basins of rice.
The pork ribs was no good. Too dry to our liking. The beancurd with minced meat was really good. We just had to order another plate. From the way we were eating, you must have thought that we have not seen food for a few days and never eat rice before. We ate so fast and slurping away...mmmmm... nom nom nom.... more... add more... more rice... more beancurd... more rice... more beancurd. And we told the lady we didn't need so much rice. She must be laughing in the kitchen to see us city folks. 
The bill came. We almost choked. I was doing mental calculation to see whether correct or not but the price... that beancurd was 30 yuan. Oh... oh... expensive.. *burp* Okay, justifiable. We like the tofu... let's continue our journey. 

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