Friday, November 11, 2016

China Day 17: Our Dream Home - On Trial Run...

~ 11th February 2016 ~
We were placed in one of the Presidential villas. The price per night should be around 13 000++ yuan per night. That I just found out from the Internet. As I have mentioned that Pinky and I wanted big houses to live in, we have our prayers answered. God has a very good sense of humour, He answers prayers in odd ways no human would care to entertain me and my peculiar thoughts. 

I grew up in a less than 600 square feet flat. Lived there for almost two decades. Then, upgraded to about 1100 square feet. I wanted something bigger, I wanted big space. I wanted everything big after I came back from China. I have big mentality. Big~! Bigger~! Not enough~! Bigger please. At the current house I'm living in, it's consider big for a small family~! Not enough... just not enough~! Bigger please~! God put us in a new apartment in Hong Kong. Oh, my~! It was new but the built up area was only 350 square feet~! I came back being thankful for whichever houses I was in. Being human, one forgets very fast~!! Big big house I need~!
Okay, wish granted~! Try it out for one day... just one day...
The living room was comfortable. We turned on the television but none of us could concentrate. 
We went to sit at the dining hall. We dirtied the whole table because we were always like that. Suddenly, we remembered how luxurious this house was, we quickly cleaned up and make the dining table sparkle again.
Look~! Staircase to the basement. The mahjong table was an electronic one. Pinky could not find the switch to turn it on. I was adamant to look for the switch and found it.
Oh, there was a karaoke room. It was bigger than the living room. Should be a party room. 
Head upstairs. I forgot to snap a picture of mother's room. Pinky's room was connected to the study. As if she would use it to study. She would be nuah-ing on her bed. I chose one room while mi madre chose the other one bigger than mine with a balcony.
Oh, attic~! Two sides of the attic~! A game's corner and another side just to chill out with best friends.

The kitchen was not big enough though. I wanted a more spacious kitchen.
We have our own hot spring pool behind the house. We went dipping but could not stay in for too long.

I wanted a house with:
  1. Five bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and bathrooms big enough to do five cartwheels...
  2. A prayer room
  3. A library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
  4. An Olympic size swimming pool with jacuzzi at all corners
  5. A hydroponic room for vegetables - not that I eat vegetables
  6. A sewing room complete with mannequins in different sizes, an over lock sewing machine, a normal electric sewing machine, a quilting sewing machine and an embroidery sewing machine, a very spacious yet comfortable crochet corner and a huge table for pattern drafting and cutting cloth yet another table for cross-stitching
  7. A music room - I have three pianos *why so many? I don't know.. ask God* guitars and I think I need a drum set too and lots more stuff, ... just sound proof the whole room
  8. A cinema but not with those cinema chairs - need lots of bean bags
  9. A laundry room big enough to dry all the clothes with very good ventilation
  10. A garden in the house where the rabbits can run around, dig holes in the soil without getting out of the house
  11. A fully-equipped gym
  12. One kitchen for cooking
  13. One kitchen for baking
  14. An office - still need to work right?
So, that was my dream house. My students said Penang got no place for my dream house. Another student told me it will always remain as a dream. Do I want that now, honestly? Part of me wanted all those rooms in the house but know the truth and the truth will set you free and you are free indeed~!
In conclusion, we only sat in those few corners of the whole villa just because I was taking photos. We ended up in our own room because we wanted to spend the rest of the night on our comfortable bed. I could not say that the bed was bigger than what I have at home. It was just a queen size while I have been sleeping on a king bed for more than a decade.

I could hardly sleep. It was not that comfortable. I have no idea what Pinky was doing. Mi madre has fallen asleep. Our doors were all closed. We ended up chatting with each other through WeChat. I even called hubby on Whatsapp. I was only half asleep the whole night. We were thinking of sleeping in until very late, maybe noon but father banged on our doors early in the morning and he left the villa to check on the workers~!
Wasn't that mushroom soup?
I have driven the car to the front porch. Well, if you want to play-pretend that you own the villa, do it right~! So, we have to walk to the lobby to the restaurant. I missed home so much I went diving in for the koay teow th'ng but the taste was awful. I ended up with lots of Western-styled breakfast. I could live on bread and butter alone. 

On the table, Pinky said she could not shit properly as the toilet bowl was too luxurious to sit on. She did not sleep well either. None of us slept well. In the end, we thanked father for making the right decision. One night was more than enough. He has worked there for so long, he knows best. The house was big but it was not a home. Even if the whole family moved in, the warmth of a close-knit family would not be there. Grandparents would be downstairs while all of us would be upstairs hiding behind closed doors. We were all very lonely that night. We were so far from each other. With all doors closed, no one knew what the other was doing. To get up from the bed to the door was quite a distant away, we were too lazy to get up.

We packed our things and we were glad to leave, go home to where grandparents, uncles and aunties were waiting for us. Where we could see each other just a few steps away. I wanted to curl in my nest on the floor, don't need a bed. No, I don't want such a big house anymore. I will be lonely and I will end up having more rabbits, dogs and maybe donkeys and horses in the house to take the loneliness away. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. No, who says God must give you everything just because you prayed for it? 

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