Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Day 13: Home Is Where The Heart Is...

~ 13th February 2016 ~
And home is also where manners are thrown out of the window. We do as we wish at home. This is another reason why we like to eat at home. Whether we drink soup, slurping loudly and burping halfway through, who cares? You can fart as you wish, put your half eaten bowl of rice on the table and announce to the whole house that you need to shit, don't clear the table yet. 
For this one, her bowl has been cleared. Due to extreme laziness to get another bowl and soup spoon, she just used the ladle and took the whole pot out. She was busy watching television as well. That's my travel buddy. People says birds of a feather, flock together. Yeah, we do flock together. 
Our morning was spent filling up the red packets. Somethings never change... everybody loves money...

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