Monday, November 07, 2016

China Day 15: Rose Exhibition at The People's Park...

~ 9th February 2016 ~
Woke up in the morning, took a few steps to look out of the balcony. Awesome~! The sky was blue with some fluffy clouds here and there. It's the most beautiful I have ever seen after the third time in Shenzhen.
Ate something for breakfast. Beats me. I have no idea what I had for breakfast but I sure had a quickie one. Went back to the balcony and oh, wow~! The sun reflecting its ray so all buildings looked yellowish.
I think Pinky was still asleep. Who cares? We're going out with father to The People's Park. Father usually drives but this time round we took the subway. So, it's the blind leading the blind. While we were holding the prepaid cards, father has to buy tickets from the machine. It was a beautiful day and surely many people would be out soaking in the sun.
I have read about the annual rose exhibition and I looked forward to it. Father is a landscaper so he's the right person to go with. If I dragged Pinky along she would hurry me or I would asked her to sit in one corner and play with her phone. She's not even willing to wake up to go with us. 
The park was really big. It was quite a walk towards the rose section. The photographers were really early. They came in drove and with props to have white background and sorts. They were so passionate with photography and they have all the accessories around their waste and their backpack, they looked like they were going to conquer Mount Everest. 
I, on the other hand, preferred a fast shoot and that's it~! The gardeners were shouting at some people not to step onto the flowerbeds but of course, the Chinese pretended not to understand and continued stepping all over the place. It was quite amusing to see that they not on misbehaved in overseas but they were like that in their own land. Can't blame them right? 
I really like a few of the roses especially those with bright colours and the one with mixed colours. Too bad I have no drive to beautify my garden.
We went back when the park started to be packed with more people and the sun was getting hotter.

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